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Go Ahead, Take the Candy: Latest Facebook App Causes Chills

In the spirit of Halloween and all things downright freaky, I’ve found something that will definitely leave chills running down your spine. Jason Zada’s newest creation, takethislollipop.com, has become the latest online Blair Witch Project sensation. Written by Juliet Rocco

Starting at a young age, we’re told to never take candy from strangers, unless of course it’s Halloween and you’re dressed up going trick-or-treating. So, let’s fast forward a decade or two later when you can make your own decisions. It’s all up to you to submit personal information online, and this website gives us a creepy, eye-opening experience in what looks like a representation of a classic horror scene straight from of a Stephen King novel!

The mysterious site was first featured in the NY Times. Within about two weeks, it’s become a viral hit to over 5 million Facebook users and has continued to grow steadily. I discovered the site early last week when someone tweeted the link and decided to check it out for myself. This was for research purposes only since I’m a very wimpy scary movie watcher. Yes, I make sacrifices for writing as a true writer does!

What is this and how the heck does it work? Once you get to the main page, it will prompt you to “Connect with Facebook” and allow your account information to be shared with the app (This is the only way it will work). They won’t use your information for any other purposes. Once approved, the next step moves you to a dimly lit apartment scene where a sweaty, slightly crazy looking guy is seen staring hungrily at his computer. But, what is he hungry for? YOU! Photos, location, friends, and your entire page will be visible to this man.

I tried it out: So, I know this is all fake obviously, and I was doing just fine up until about halfway through the video sequence when things started getting “too scary” for me. I honestly can’t tell you what happens after a certain point because I closed my browser window in record time! Sure, I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I do commend Zada on doing such a great job.

Okay, what’s the reason behind all this? Aside from being a creative online marketer with the “Elf Yourself” Campaign, Zada wanted to generate a response from the public that would show us a realization of how our private information given online does indeed, have consequences. We should always be aware of what kind of information we share online and who could possibly be viewing it. This website was created to target social network users and raise their awareness on private info gone public, all by their own discrepancy of course.

Now that you’ve read this, go ahead, take the candy. I dare you.


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Going, Going, Viral!

A look at how viral videos are keeping the game of internet marketing fluid, fresh, and fun along with where to actually find those videos before they go viral. Written by Juliet Rocco

Viral marketing is possibly my most favorite form of marketing techniques being used today. It never ceases to amaze me how fast a video can spread like wildfire. Five years ago, you would never see viral videos as part of the “news” on TV. Now, news and talk shows alike all have their own daily web hits stream whether it’s during air time or online. This is also related to what I discussed in my last post about crowdsourcing. Organizations and marketing teams are looking for talent beyond the generic casting calls and talent searches. They’re using social media as their stocked pond, and pulling out as many big fish as they can.

A Great Example: Let’s look back just a few months ago. During the summer, the latest commercial for the HTC Sensation 4G showcased upcoming talent and skills in the “You are Next…” Campaign. One of those featured was 10-year-old Youtube singing sensation, Maria Aragon, who uploaded a cover of K’NAAN’s Waving Flag back in April. Within a short amount of time, the video went viral and she got discovered by the right people. Not to mention, she also got to perform in concert with Lady Gaga and be a guest performer on The Ellen Show.

HTC Sensation 4G T-Mobile

Most Recent Example: A few weeks ago, I was watching one of my regular weekly TV shows when the newest Internet Explorer 9 commercial came on. It featured a brief guest cameo by Harley Morenstein of Epic Meal Time, the popular extreme cooking segment on Youtube. Brian Posehn is also featured in the spot and is seen using WordPress. Gotta love it!

Epic Meal Time quickly took off early last year and has been featured on morning shows, news networks, and late night talk shows. Their cooking segments have exploded into a viral phenomenon. They have a very distinct passion; a passion for bacon. Fair warning: This isn’t your mom’s Julia Child or Paula Deen. This is an entirely new breed of cooking! If you’re a vegetarian you should probably stay away from these videos. If you think you’re strong enough to handle heart attack-worthy culinary creations beyond belief, then wait no more and check this out! See the short and sweet ad below for yourself:

Internet Explorer 9

By now you probably want to know, “Where does one find viral videos before they go viral?”

We share a tremendous amount of information online daily, whether it be our own or something found. I recently discovered this website via StumbleUpon that uploads videos with “viral potential” daily. I still have yet to find a video before it goes viral, but I’m remaining optimistic.

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