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Super Bowl Preparation: 10 Great Beer Ads

In honor of football season’s grand finale, I’ve decided to feature 10 creative, memorable and funny beer ads. Before you dig into your chips and salsa, take a look at some of my favorite ads. Written by Juliet Rocco

skyfall_heinekenIt’s that time of year again: The Super Bowl…otherwise known as “The Big Game” is almost here! It is a stage for not only football players, but some of the biggest businesses in the world. These 30-second TV spots can come with multi-million dollar price tags. They must be executed perfectly, although that doesn’t always happen.

Record breaking stats: Last year, Super Bowl XLVI  became the most watched program in television history with an estimated 111.3 million Americans and 166.8 worldwide tuning in (based on Nielsen data). Social media records were also broken and this year is expected to produce even bigger results.

This list was difficult to narrow down to just 10. There are arguably better ads out there, but these are some of the more memorable ones for me, personally. Enjoy!

The list, in no particular order of importance:

1. Heineken “Beer Closet” 

2. Budweiser “Wassup?” 

3. Budweiser “Swear Jar”

4. Dos Equis “The Most Interesting Man in the World”  

5. Bud Light “Rescue Dog” 

6. Amstel Light “One Dam Good Beer” 

7. Coors Light “Jim Mora Press Conference” 

8. Budweiser “9/11 Tribute – Respect” 

9. Heineken “Skyfall James Bond 007” 

10. Miller Light “Dating Commercial” 

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Super Bowl XLVI Best Commercials

The big game this year definitely had some noteworthy commercials. Take a look at my top picks for the ads aired during the Super Bowl and read what I had to say. Written by Juliet Rocco

The Super Bowl means two things to me: food and advertisements. I feel this way about commercials all year round, but this is the one day when I see my friends and family equally as excited to watch them. As a New Jersey native, it would have been sacrilegious not to watch the Giants take on the Patriots. I don’t usually care much about football, but the last 4 minutes of the 4th quarter were nail-biters for me!

Big numbers: For advertisers, this is their biggest nail-biting day as well. Companies dropped a cool $3.5 million for just 30 seconds of air time (think about how strategically they must plan around trips to the kitchen and bathroom, too!). Last year, over 163 million people tuned in for at least part of the game (that’s about half the total American population), making it the most watched televised event in American history.

Overall, I wasn’t wowed by most of the ads this year, but there definitely were a few standouts as I’ve listed my personal favorites below. You can also go to YouTube’s Ad Blitz 2012 Channel to watch all of the ads aired during the game.

Budweiser: A classic time capsule of big moments in American History. I wasn’t sure how I felt at first about listening to Flo Rida in the background with the Prohibition ending, but it all came together seamlessly in the end. Marketers have been riding the nostalgia wave for the past couple of years in advertising and especially in the Super Bowl.

M&M’s: I really enjoyed this ad, obviously targeted at my age group in the young adult demographic. Pairing chocolate and the band LMFAO’s latest hit “Sexy and I Know It” was perfect.

Bud Light: Dogs seemed to be a popular alternative to celebrities this year. This dog was not only adorable, but Anheuser-Busch also made sure PETA wouldn’t go after them for their “slave dog” antics and had a nice link to their Facebook page to help out rescue dogs. Corporate social responsibility is key!

Chevy: Cars jumping out of airplanes before I even get a chance? This ad made my jaw simply drop. It definitely caught my attention and kept me more interested in watching what happened next rather than getting up to go eat more.

CareerBuilder: This poor man in the ad is a perfect example of what millions of Americans at dead-end jobs are going through every day. Plus, the chimps are great actors. Someone needs to nominate these guys for something!

Volkswagen: Return of…the dog? Yes, another dog was the star of the commercials in Volkswagen’s latest ad. I really enjoyed how they tied in last year’s Darth Vader at the end. It resonated well with fans of both the old and new.

Honda: Did you really think I would forget about this one? Of course not! Once again, bringing back a classic movie like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and putting a modern twist was really fun and refreshing to see. I’d really like to see Honda do more ads like these with different movies.

Check out  YouTube’s Ad Blitz 2012 Channel to watch and vote for your favorite ads!

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