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There’s a Meme for That: Internet Meme’s World Takeover

Our attention spans are becoming shorter than a goldfish with the latest and greatest internet trends. Can memes be used by brands successfully? How much longer is their shelf life? An exploration of internet fads. Written by Juliet Rocco

It’s been a few weeks now, but it seems as if the memes are here to stay on popular social media sites, especially on Facebook. Photo sharing is getting big, really big.

Do you find this latest trend annoying or are you riding out the wave? By now, I feel like people are just beating a dead horse. I’m not a meme hipster by any means, but enough is enough.

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary: a meme is a…noun: an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture.

(Oh, and in case you were wondering, I made the Mr. Fredrickson meme myself sometime in the summer and found it when I was digging around in my photo files.)

What’s in a meme? Well, anyone who can pair a witty or comedic saying/observation with a photo like it’s milk and Oreos almost guarantees like/share success. But, what’s in a share? Is it a single person vying for their 15 seconds of internet praise?

Do you think a popular brand name would be able to successfully create a meme and make it go viral? This would have to depend on the market you’re targeting. Why not hold a contest for “best meme creation” for the brand and have users vote on a winner?

I would say roughly half of my news feed updates have been sharing memes or seeing that someone “liked” a photo. It used to be that memes were kind of hidden away in the deeper corners of the internet and hadn’t become mainstream until sites like Meme Generator and quickmeme started being used more frequently.

The success of the meme on other social media sites is thanks largely in part to the sharing features on these websites. It’s quick and easy for users to generate content and get it to spread. People want everything in instant Ramen noodle form these days, which means pressing a single button as a command gives us ultimate sharing power! (You can tell I’m hungry because I keep making food metaphors.)

A list of some of the most current internet fads/trends:

College-specific memes: Pretty much every school has a dedicated Facebook page by now.

“What People Think I Do” memes: Eventually, we are going to run out of occupations and labels of people, or this meme will just die out on its own (which will probably happen first).

”S*** People Say” videos: Lasted a few weeks, but has died down a lot since.

Trending Topic on Twitter – *celebrity name* died: People really have nothing better to post on Twitter? Really? Twitter trends are honestly a whole other level, and I could easily write a separate post on this subject.

Growing interest in Pinterest: People love showing off their latest pins and finds. I haven’t given in to this website yet, but soon, maybe.

Takeaway: I’d like to see famous brands try to create a successful meme. I’m not talking about luxury brands, but ones such as Mountain Dew products and professional sports teams. The sharing power of a single photo is huge. A picture may have a thousand words, but a meme can get over a thousand shares, plus millions of views!

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Source: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/meme

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Dane Cook: A Social Media Mastermind

Long before Ashton Kutcher was crowned king of Twitter-land and Justin Bieber became a Youtube sensation, comedian Dane Cook was making his own waves on Myspace. Written by Juliet Rocco

Who is this guy? I remember listening to Dane Cook’s stand-up routine for the first time. It was 2005 and I was sitting in my 8th grade classroom sharing my friend’s ipod headphones, both of us laughing hysterically at his Burger King job story. From that moment on, I was hooked.

Whether you appreciate his sense of humor and comedic style or not, it is an impressive feat to see a comedian market oneself in the way Cook has done. He was able to take his little-known persona and generate one of the largest fan bases to millions of followers in just a few short years by using a single networking site.

Myspace man: Cook got his start by performing at small comedy clubs throughout Boston and New York City in the 90s. By 2002, he invested his own time and finances into creating a website. He also launched a Myspace (and yes, Myspace still exists for those of you who don’t know). People listened and demanded more from Cook. By 2003, his first comedy album Harmful if Swallowed debuted with smashing success, going platinum.

Within the next few years, Cook went from being “that comedian guy on Myspace” to hosting an episode of SNL and getting his own HBO Special Vicious Circle. His reputation has skyrocketed since, leading to multiple Billboard record-breaking comedy albums and a world tour, including military bases in the Middle East.

Why so successful? The reason for Cook’s success (in my opinion) is simple. He responds to fans’ wants and needs and keeps them in the loop about his daily activities via Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. He’s not afraid to say something completely ridiculous or voice his opinion. To be successful in social media, you must remain true to your brand. His sentiments are not carefully crafted publicity statements; they are the raw, honest truth.

In early June of 2011, Cook took to the Twitter machine to find his missing dog, Beast. Within a frantic 2 hours, the pup was returned safe and sound. You’ve got to give him credit for his quick problem solving skills!

Cook is so successful because of his dedication and genuine interest to stay on top of new social networking sites. He was one of the first celebrities to register a Google+ account. In the fall of 2011, he was invited to the Google headquarters to discuss his passion for social networking and comedy. His next big project is a sitcom currently in the works with NBC.

Follow Dane on Twitter: @danecook

Takeaway: I think a lot of up-and-coming professionals striving to get to a certain level of success can really learn from Cook’s use of social media. It’s important to stay on top of new networking sites that could make us view Facebook and Twitter the same way we view Myspace now (hey, you never know).

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Source: http://comedians.about.com/od/currentcomedians/p/danecook.htm

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Going, Going, Viral!

A look at how viral videos are keeping the game of internet marketing fluid, fresh, and fun along with where to actually find those videos before they go viral. Written by Juliet Rocco

Viral marketing is possibly my most favorite form of marketing techniques being used today. It never ceases to amaze me how fast a video can spread like wildfire. Five years ago, you would never see viral videos as part of the “news” on TV. Now, news and talk shows alike all have their own daily web hits stream whether it’s during air time or online. This is also related to what I discussed in my last post about crowdsourcing. Organizations and marketing teams are looking for talent beyond the generic casting calls and talent searches. They’re using social media as their stocked pond, and pulling out as many big fish as they can.

A Great Example: Let’s look back just a few months ago. During the summer, the latest commercial for the HTC Sensation 4G showcased upcoming talent and skills in the “You are Next…” Campaign. One of those featured was 10-year-old Youtube singing sensation, Maria Aragon, who uploaded a cover of K’NAAN’s Waving Flag back in April. Within a short amount of time, the video went viral and she got discovered by the right people. Not to mention, she also got to perform in concert with Lady Gaga and be a guest performer on The Ellen Show.

HTC Sensation 4G T-Mobile

Most Recent Example: A few weeks ago, I was watching one of my regular weekly TV shows when the newest Internet Explorer 9 commercial came on. It featured a brief guest cameo by Harley Morenstein of Epic Meal Time, the popular extreme cooking segment on Youtube. Brian Posehn is also featured in the spot and is seen using WordPress. Gotta love it!

Epic Meal Time quickly took off early last year and has been featured on morning shows, news networks, and late night talk shows. Their cooking segments have exploded into a viral phenomenon. They have a very distinct passion; a passion for bacon. Fair warning: This isn’t your mom’s Julia Child or Paula Deen. This is an entirely new breed of cooking! If you’re a vegetarian you should probably stay away from these videos. If you think you’re strong enough to handle heart attack-worthy culinary creations beyond belief, then wait no more and check this out! See the short and sweet ad below for yourself:

Internet Explorer 9

By now you probably want to know, “Where does one find viral videos before they go viral?”

We share a tremendous amount of information online daily, whether it be our own or something found. I recently discovered this website via StumbleUpon that uploads videos with “viral potential” daily. I still have yet to find a video before it goes viral, but I’m remaining optimistic.

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