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Seize The Day: A 30-Day Challenge

New adventures lie ahead, so get ready! 

_164500I haven’t blogged in so long, I was worried I’d forgotten my password. I suppose I could blame being “busy” at work, but that’s always a terrible excuse in my opinion. I’ve been thinking about the direction of this blog and where I want to take it. It has always been primarily focused on job hunting, career advice, and college experiences. Now that I’ve had more time to mull things over, I’ve decided to hop back on and begin writing again.

If I haven’t clued you in already, I work in New York City right in the heart of Times Square. It’s exactly as you’d imagine it to be: a completely exhilarating madhouse!

A few weeks ago, I was sitting in Bryant Park getting some fresh air (I’m surrounded by trees there so it seems fresh ok) and I realized I don’t have much time before the weather takes a turn and frigid cold sets in. So here I am in Bryant Park, sitting by myself in 90 degree weather and freaking out about not having enough time to do fun things! It then sparked an idea and the little lightbulb over my head went on.

I got home that night and began drafting up a list of places I wanted to see, foods to try, causes to donate to, and other mini bucket list activities to check off.  To document it all, I’ll be posting to Instagram each day in September. Some of the things are very simple, like sending a thank you note to someone who’s important to me, and other things are going to be a bit more emotional, like visiting the World Trade Center Memorial for the first time ever.

I’m not sure where this 30-day journey is going to take me, but I’m really excited to begin! It’s not about finding myself and I’m not experiencing some existential crisis (okay, I might be) but giving back and enjoying the finer things in life is really what the goal of this project is all about. Sometimes, we get lost in this daily cycle of mundane activities. That gets BORING! I want to break away from that, gain a fresh perspective and inspire others to do the same.

If you want to come along for the ride, follow me on Instagram (@julietrocco) and who knows, maybe it’ll give you some ideas for your own challenge!


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