Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation: Are We Entitled or Just Too Ambitious?

There are many articles written about Generation Y that paint a much different picture from the perspective of older, more experienced generations. I wanted to write something from my point of view, a twenty-something just trying to make it out there in the big, bad world. Written by Juliet Rocco

genY“Swallow your pride and take any job.” My mom and I were having a somewhat heated discussion the other week about my impending employment situation. I’ve turned down a few opportunities because they were either not the right fit, or did not pay enough for me to support myself.

It’s tough out there, but I’m holding out a little longer than most people would because I think I deserve to do something I’m happy doing. There’s also an obvious need for the right fit between the company and myself.

Lots of articles have made my generation synonymous with “entitled”,”bratty” and “overly ambitious”, but anyone who was born decades before me must understand that we are given better job searching tools and resources that let us become more selective during this process.

To the time machine: If you were 22 years old in 1975 and had a LinkedIn profile with employers contacting you about opportunities multiple times a week, you would learn how to sort the good ones from the bad. Your smartphone would also be delivering you daily emails of job openings after creating accounts on job boards.

Choices, choices, so many choices: There have been multiple applications that I refused to fill out after researching the company online and seeing the terrible reviews from employees on Glassdoor, a very honest and raw rating site of employers.

Of course, you completely missed out on all of the negative reviews the employees posted about the work environment, salary, job satisfaction etc. All of this insider information would have been available right at your fingertips and you would have thought twice before signing that contract.

Now think about this situation: You want to move to quiet suburbia after recently getting married and are eager to start a family. One of the first things people do is look up the quality and reputation of the schools in said area. You want your children to receive a fine education, don’t you? Well, it’s the same process when it comes down to choosing a career and a starting point. Everything is a strategy as well as a gamble for us.

The decisions I make in my career now shape my future and create a launching pad to success if I choose the strongest path. Don’t let other people get in the way by clouding your thought process and stripping your confidence.

Takeaway: My generation isn’t entitled. We’re smart and we know what we want because there are enough choices and resources out there to help us begin our journey into the real world. If you talk to someone who knows what they want and how they plan on advancing in their career, realize that they are the lucky ones who know exactly what hard work and determination gets them.

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