15 MORE Things College Taught Me

Listing only 15 things just didn’t seem like enough. After 4 years of college, there’s a lot that I learned and wanted to share. Here are 15 more valuable things I’ve learned over the years. Written by Juliet Rocco

1. Having roommates who care about your well-being is important


2. You have a lot more free time during random times of the day. Use it wisely


3. Doing laundry in the dorms is a battle of a task


4. You’re going to learn how to do new things (like pump gas)


5. Or you might be able to teach other people how to do new things


6. There’s always something free on campus


7. First club meeting of the year = always free pizza


8. Keeping up with friends who are studying abroad is simple thanks to Skype


9. You’re going to become an expert at packing up your life by senior year


10. Care packages are THE BEST


11. Support your school’s team, no matter what…


12. Even if that means cramming in the back of a hatchback for 3 hours to get to a game


13. You can draw cartoons as much as you’d like in class. Your professor isn’t going to care, but you really should pay attention anyway


14. Don’t forget where you came from, always be proud, and always keep in touch with those who matter the most no matter how far from home you are


15. There’s no greater feeling of accomplishment than this moment right here


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