A New Journey Begins: Life After College

Are you feeling the pressure of entering the real world? The class of 2013 will be entering one of the strongest job markets since the recession. This is big news for colleges, employers, and most of all…students. So, what happens next? Written by Juliet Rocco

images“What are you doing after graduation?”

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me this, I’d be able to pay off the interest on my student loans. I’ve been taking five classes for the past three months, which has demanded more of my time than most people can imagine. This also means I haven’t had much time to apply to places and look around online for job opportunities.

It’s overwhelming with the amount of opportunities that there are for graduating marketing majors. A simple search on indeed.com with my zip code gave me more options than I could imagine. Sorting through everything is a task that needs more time and patience. I want to make sure I’m applying to places that I feel I qualify for and fit my own needs.

Everything’s gonna be alright: It’s perfectly alright to be a little selective and know that there are certain factors in the job search to filter your results. For me, half of the suggested jobs were either in sales or administrative fields. I am NOT an aspiring telemarketer, and I certainly will not be an administrative slave lost in paperwork and scheduling other people’s lives.

I’ve worked hard for four years and have had fantastic internships that have given me the skills and confidence necessary to land a rewarding full-time job. A motto that I like to follow is, “Never settle for less than you deserve”. I’ve used this motto for most of my life, and I’ve accomplished a lot by following it. I don’t consider myself an “entitled” Gen Y member of society, as many stereotype us to be. I’ve worked very hard to get where I am.

Know what you want: If it takes me a little longer to find a job I truly want, I am perfectly ok with that. There shouldn’t be any pressure of finding something right away just so you can quickly quiet your curious friends and relatives.

While my first job may not be perfect or ideal, I do want it to satisfy certain needs: a social work atmosphere, health benefits, decent commute, and challenging but rewarding work. These qualifications for my job search are personally important and realistic.

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