Reasons to Major in Marketing: Part II

Have you considered marketing as a potential major yet, but not exactly sure what to expect? Read more to find out if you’re fit for the challenge! Written by Juliet Rocco

crystalballAbout a year ago, I wrote a post about reasons to major in marketing and I know it’s been a popular one because it gets a number of clicks each day. Analytics is such a wonderful tool for blogs, let me tell you!

A lot of you may know you want to major in business, but when it comes to picking out a major, I know for a fact staring at the course selection sheet is not a very exciting process.

Plus, colleges offer slightly different programs. Marketing majors are all unique, depending on which area you find you fit in best.

My area of specialty is the more creative and artsy side, with less analytics. This works best if you, like myself, do not like to play nice with numbers and graphs.

Advertising and public relations is also a great area for writers, creatives and thinkers. This is a separate major in a separate college for where I go to school, but you’ll find a variation of different things depending on where you’ve applied. This major is very similar to what I’ve studied over the last four years, and I probably could have been just as happy if i picked it.

One thing I love about my school (RIT) is that it is very focused on innovation and entrepreneurship. I have been able to take classes as part of my new media marketing major that I know my peers studying marketing in other schools have not, such as search engine marketing and analytics.

Top Reasons to Major in Marketing:

  • Lots of networking opportunities, interacting with people (cool people!)
  • Learn how people think and how you can reach them
  • One of the most stable career fields for college grads (money!)
  • Marketing is ever-changing with technology, you won’t get bored with this major
  • If you like social media, then you will love learning about how to apply marketing to it
  • If you enjoy a challenge and thinking outside the box

Takeaway: There are different areas of marketing that you may fit into better than others. You’ll find out more about this when you actually major in marketing and take different classes though! Bottom line is, you should major in marketing, because it is awesome!

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