Marketers Got Sentimental in this Year’s Father’s Day Ads

Did you notice an increase in heartfelt ads about dads this year? Marketers seemed to focus a lot more of their attention on father figures, showing they are more than tool belt-wearing, grilling machines and it seemed to work well. Written by Juliet Rocco

Dads deserve better: They tend to get lumped into the grad and semi-annual sale mix of campaigns. It’s a weird time for marketers to say the least. With that said, ads for Father’s Day tend to focus more on what to get your dad for that special day, but miss that very important emotional connection.

Emotional appeal, gets me every time: Now, think about this for a second…who is the target market for these ads if the company is trying to sell the product? No, it’s not the men. It’s the women, the ones who generally respond to emotional ads much more than rational ads, especially when it comes to their loved ones. They are the ones who are actually going to go out and buy Father’s Day presents. Sure, guys will go out and by their dad something too, but the most successful technique in this case will be using an emotional appeal, as seen in the ads below.

Subaru: This ad is a classic “daddy’s little girl” scenario that I’m sure many can relate to. Your dad probably read you the riot act about distractions in the car and speeding, too!

Oreo: My roommates and I collectively agreed this was an “aww” moment. It brought me back to the days when all I knew how to make was PB&J sandwiches and that’s what my parents would get for their birthdays or anniversary breakfast. (hey, it’s the thought that counts)

Google Chrome: This one is from last year’s Google Chrome campaign, but man, it gets me every single time! Watching the father of Sophie track her life like that reminded me of how my parents filmed almost every day of every month during my first year.

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