The Life and Adventures of a Marketing Coordinator

With just a little over a week’s worth of work under my belt, I’ve already learned some important lessons. Advice to new interns, entry-level workers and aspiring marketers. By Juliet Rocco

Working girl: I must say, it is nice to wake up in the morning and not worry about cramming for an exam, getting an assignment in or worrying about my GPA (not that it matters all that much anyway). I get to do things on my own time and have a great atmosphere to work in with great people.

I wake up at 7:15am every morning to get ready and I’m in the zone by 9am. I check my email, respond, log in to social media accounts and track recent results from emails and events.

What does a Marketing Coordinator do? My job requires being versed in corporate sites, editing, social media tools and promoting events. I’m responsible for the face of the franchise. Not too intimidated yet, are you?

Obviously, with great responsibility comes great opportunities as well. I’m given the chance to network with a large pool of professionals in all areas of business and consulting. It’s an honor to be doing what I do.

For the corporate sites, since everything is already based on a centralized structure, I do not have to tinker with HTML too much. I get to use a nice user-friendly interface. In under a week, I have gotten to understand the basics of these sites which I will be using for email blasts mostly, promoting events and registration sign-ups.

Advice to fellow marketing majors, coordinators and new interns:

Stay relevant: Maybe your job isn’t directly related to the ad business or media, but immersing yourself in the marketing culture will greatly benefit yourself in the real world and applying ideas. Personally, I read about five to seven marketing-related articles each day. Check out adweek or Mashable for fun and interesting articles!

Making mistakes: It’s completely ok to make mistakes, as long as you own up to it and find ways to fix the problem quickly. Learn to be quick on your feet and adapt to changes. People in the real world change their mind on projects, meetings and ideas all the time.

Make friends: I’m not just talking about business networking. Socialize and build rapport with your fellow co-workers/bosses. It’s not only important to discuss work-related things, but interests and news as well. This opens up the lines of communication extensively, making both parties approachable.

Email blasts: You hate getting them, but now you’re responsible for producing them and sending them out to thousands of people. Hitting the ‘send’ button never felt so scary, huh? Relax, write up drafts, walk away and then come back to it with edits and a fresh perspective.

What it takes: Anyone can pay $40,000 a year to get their marketing degree, but it takes a talented, personable individual with strong communication skills and a good understanding of social media to be successful in a coordinator position. I’m still learning new things everyday, and the best part about being on an internship is learning how to push myself each day.

Takeaway: Experience is the best teacher. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have experience before you graduate because it will not only help your resume, but help you achieve personal and career growth as well.

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2 thoughts on “The Life and Adventures of a Marketing Coordinator

  1. Emily Ellis says:

    Great advice Juliet! Glad to hear you are off to a great start!

  2. julietrocco says:

    Thanks, Emily! I’m really enjoying my time here at Dale Carnegie and I can’t thank you enough for the great recommendation that helped me get here!

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