NHL’s ‘Because It’s The Cup’ Campaign Reaches Broader Market Successfully

Hockey fans and non-hockey fans alike are probably answering every question with one specific answer: ‘Because It’s The Cup.’ How has the NHL’s new campaign taken off and has it boosted the popularity of the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs? Written by Juliet Rocco

Back in March, the NHL introduced its brand new 2012 Stanley Cup Playoff campaign, ‘Because It’s The Cup’ to increase awareness among casual and non-fans. The campaign was created by MillerCoors agency DraftFCB. This new marketing campaign was done through an NHL record-setting $375 million deal for sponsorship in North America.

The tagline that can answer anything: It was late March, and I found myself struggling to stay awake to study for one of three exams that week. I thought to myself, “Why can’t I just focus on this?” After a few minutes of messing around on Facebook, I candidly decided it was “Because It’s The Cup.” To me that seemed like the most reasonable answer at 1am.

Throughout the next couple of weeks, I noticed I wasn’t the only one filling in the NHL’s new Playoff campaign tagline for non-hockey questions. My News Feeds on Facebook and Twitter started erupting with ‘Because It’s The Cup’ reasons during and after games. As a hockey fan, I found this refreshing to see. All of us, proudly dedicated to our own teams, agreeing on the single most important goal: The Stanley Cup.

For once, I felt like most of my friends who ordinarily would be disinterested by an NHL game were wanting to tune in and get a better understanding of hockey. My passion for the sport was being shared with others who normally did not relate.

Campaign goal: Marketers wanted to take all of the casual and non-hockey fans and give them a feeling of excitement when tuning in to the playoff games. The campaign’s target has gone after those who might have trouble naming a player other than Sidney Crosby, Martin Brodeur, or famous NHL retirees. By becoming more well-rounded and holding a strong online presence, this campaign has been able to reach many through social media very successfully.

What does the future of the NHL look like? Piggy-backing off social media, the NHL is becoming more and more attentive to trends and fulfilling the needs of the fans. Up-to-date Twitter accounts with game recaps have been increasingly popular and beneficial to those who are unable to attend games frequently. Fan Pages with sweepstakes and other promotional opportunities have also helped engage non-fans more with incentives to simply try out and experience an NHL game. After all, everyone loves free stuff.

The ads are fantastic because they sum everything up in just over 30 seconds with a truly memorable tagline. The importance of these ads gets the main message across by conveying the emotions behind a team’s hard work, dedication, and fight for excellence.

Check out a few of the NHL campaign’s commercials below:




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