Unleash the Creative Monster in You: 5 Inspiring Websites

Need an idea for a portfolio piece? Where do you start and how do you go about the creative process? These websites should help kickstart your brain and get the creative juices flowing. Written by Juliet Rocco

“Where do I even begin?” We’ve all been there before, sitting at our desks late at night with a blank document open, staring at the screen and hoping the words or pictures begin creating themselves. Maybe your mind is burnt out from lack of sleep or stress. Regardless, you need to get the assignment done. Now what?

These websites aren’t all graphic design focused, but it’s nice to get different perspectives and have access to something a little different. I can guarantee visiting these sites will help your creative process a lot more than refreshing your news feed on Facebook!

Check out the 5 Inspiring websites below!


If you’re a history buff, look no further. Life offers a very large index of photos from unpublished black and white photography to full color recent events. Many historical events, cultures, and icons can be viewed here. There’s a wide variety to browse through. Whether you’re doing a historical project or want to go back in time for a bit, Life can help you out.

Found Magazine

We all come across a random note or drawing that deserves to be posted to Facebook immediately, right? Well, Found dedicates themselves to being the #1 spot for uploading hilarious, creative, and romantic notes/drawings/found objects.


I started watching TED talks as part of a weekly class assignment freshman year, but found myself going back and watching videos about anything and everything relating to business, psychology, and art. Why pay to go see a lecturer when you can watch for free on your own time? Check out TED Talks for some truly innovative people.


One of the more recent websites I’ve begun visiting is Behance.net. It’s an online community of artists, designers, and professionals who post their portfolio work. This is one of the best places to really get your creative art juices going. Stuck on a project assignment? Visit Behance and check out endless pages of innovative design.

This blog is great if you’re looking for some freebies. They’ve got fonts, patterns, and more to satisfy your design needs. Check out their Inspiration page for examples of illustration, logos, and typography. Coding and tutorials are also available if you feel like getting a little crazy and really unleashing the monster!
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