Looking for Love in the Seas of Social Media, PLUS Strange Valentine’s Day Gifts

More and more couples every year are meeting online through dating websites and social media, but how successful are they in the long run? A look at dating websites that have blossomed into multi million dollar matchmaking machines, plus a strange Valentine’s Day gift list just in case you still need to find something for your loved one! Written by Juliet Rocco

The game of dating has changed quite drastically over the past decade. People are much more willing to share their personal information online (since everyone is doing it anyway these days). Of course, there should be some mystery left in the dating process when you’re searching for Mr. or Ms. Right.

Zoosk.com recently released some interesting facts about singles’ opinions on dating and Valentine’s Day, specifically. Here are some quick facts for you:

58% of women find flowers and candy on Valentine’s Day cliché and thoughtless

59% of men said “no thanks” to mushy Valentine’s Day cards

72% of men & 58% of women say Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity for a first date

A few days ago, Plentyoffish.com (the largest online dating site) also announced that they had the most visited mobile dating app with over 300 million visits in January. They make it super convenient to search for other singles while you’re out and about doing your daily activities.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows: Online dating success rates are different for each website, and it is difficult for companies to give us a specific rate of success. Since the online dating market is a single-use service, there is no need to go back once the customer is satisfied and living happily ever after. For every match made, two people will stop using the service which means these companies need to think of more creative ways to keep their lovers around. They need a customer engagement strategy (no pun intended).

Zoosk is looking for a way to combine a timeline of couples’ dating history and having their “story” or “journey” featured online to share. They already work very similarly to Facebook. This will give other potential singles a way to see how successful the service is by having a live feed of a true testimonial.

“You got me a WHAT?!” Guys, ditch the chocolates and roses this year! There are some strange gifts out there that you can buy for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day and I’m sure they will be floored by your creative thought.*some sarcasm intended here, buy these gifts with caution or only if your loved one has a sense of humor*

Here are some Valentine’s Day gift ideas:

  1. Anatomically correct heart jewelry 
  2. Name a Madagascar hissing cockroach in honor of your loved one for just $10
  3. Hand snuggies for those cold walks
  4. Heart-shaped pizza 
  5. Pizza Hut engagement package for $10,010 plus tax 

Takeaway: Since we spend most of our time with our faces glued to the computer screen or our smartphone, I think it’s also important to realize that face time in real time should always be considered the best when meeting someone new.  If you choose to create an account, make sure you make it synchronized with your beliefs and personality on Facebook and Twitter. You know if a person is really interested, they will try to find your other online profiles and if things don’t match up, you’re outta here!





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