My Top 5 Memorable Commercials of 2011

There were a lot of fantastic ads in 2011 and it was difficult to choose which ones I myself thought were considered memorable. These commercials are not all necessarily surefire Golden Lion picks, but they are special to me. Written by Juliet Rocco

It wasn’t until after compiling this list that I realized 4 out of the 5 ads were for cars. I generally get very annoyed with car commercials, but there are some brands that are able to successfully get their point across. I’m not going to lie, I secretly love commercials and will critique them in my spare time, so this list was incredibly easy to make!

5. 2011 Toyota Venza Commercial – Social Network:

This ad is something I felt I could relate to. My parents are not very familiar with Facebook and are much happier going for a walk or adventure somewhere while I stay holed up in my room writing blog posts. I think the average young adult can probably relate to this on some level as well.

4. John Lewis Christmas Advert 2011: 

I found this one online in early December. Christmas ads tend to be over the top and obnoxious, but this one achieves greatness by being polar opposite. There’s something refreshing about silent commercials, and this one provides a cute twist at the end.

3. Nissan LEAF: Gas Powered Everything: 

When seeing this commercial for the first time, I honestly had no idea what was being advertised, but I kept watching because it was so intriguing.

2. The Force: Volkswagen Commercial:

Arguably one of the best and most adorable 2011 Super Bowl ads.

1. Party Rock Anthem-Kia Soul Hamster Commercial: 

Smart capitalization on a popular summer anthem. It was featured for the first time during the MTV VMA’s. I also simply love the idea of hamsters replacing live actors and driving cars and dancing. It’s pure ridiculousness at its finest!

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