Devilish Ways on Twitter

NHL hockey is not synonymous with New Jersey. Larger fan bases surrounding the New York Metropolitan area also serve as stiff competition, but the Devils are trying to change that and become a true force with the use of social media. Written by Juliet Rocco

I’ve been an avid NJ Devils fan since a very young age. My parents began taking me to see games and I started falling in love with the sport. I could scream over any Rangers fan in the arena!

By the age of 13, I was on the ice learning how to skate and play the game. By 15, I was the only girl on my high school team and I also played on a girls’ travel team. Hockey became my life.

Leaving the land of the devils: Once I moved to Rochester, I was unable to go to the games on a frequent basis or watch them on TV (I was now in Buffalo Sabres territory, unfortunately).

By the beginning of the 2009-10 season, I would constantly check on the team website for up-to-date game info, but it was always minutes behind. This sport needed to be updated at the same speed it was being played!

Twitter to the rescue: Thank goodness for their Twitter page! Constant updates flooded my feed on a second by second basis. Following the team has never been easier and I can keep up with it no matter where I am since I have my awesome smartphone with me all the time.

Their page has over 44,000 followers (not bad for a team that’s only been around for about 30 years, but boasts 3 Stanley Cup wins!). It’s also used for promotions, contests, and sharing media.

Why so successful? One thing I would like to commend their social media marketers on is how engaged they keep the fans. It’s nice to see them responding to Tweets and mentions accordingly.

Takeaway: Given the plethora of social media options out there, I think Twitter is the perfect way of keeping sports fans up-to-date with live information during a high demand period. Also, being responsive to fans and their needs is important. It’s a lot easier to answer a question in a Tweet than sifting through countless e-mails!

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