Finals Week? Social Media Accounts are Going on Lockdown!

Some students will go to extremes when it comes to the final lap during the semester. There’s always a rise in deactivated accounts, giving friends password control, and pretty much falling off the face of the social media planet in order to maintain full focus on nailing those final exams. Should you deactivate your account or not? Written by Juliet Rocco

How many of you have witnessed or been a participant in a conversation like this?

College Guy 1: Hey man, I haven’t seen you on Facebook or Twitter at all lately. What’s going on?

College Guy 2: Yeah, I deactivated my account for the next two weeks so I can focus on exams more…

(This can go one of two ways: College Guy 2 will actually buckle down and prepare for his exams, OR he will play COD and drink Red Bulls with College Guy 1 while they cram the night before.)

I know a number of people who do this and swear by it, but can’t taking that break from the social universe generate some kind of black hole apocalypse? There are plenty of people who are addicted to Facebook and must Tweet every moment of their lives, so taking a “break” seems like an unrealistic alternative for these people.

Personal experience: I’ve never deactivated any of my accounts, but I do log off everything when work needs to get done. Also, putting my phone on silent and keeping it out of sight works really well!

Why should/shouldn’t we deactivate our accounts? There are a few reasons why we should put our accounts on lockdown during busy periods of our lives. One reason is if you know you have 4 exams coming up in a few weeks and it affects a good portion of your grade, then you should probably consider holing yourself up for a while.

Another reason we should is to simply focus more on the world around us. The power of the live content feed has given us all the more reason to sit in one place for hours at a time, but actual human interaction is a lot more rewarding than someone liking a status update or commenting on a photo!

Some reasons we shouldn’t is if social media happens to play a role in your job or work activity. Like myself, I enjoy observing what’s going on around the internet and within my circle of friends. What’s everyone talking about, doing, etc.? This contributes a lot in my inspiration when writing.

Also, if you deactivate your account without telling people, they will assume by writing on your wall or messaging you that a prompt response will be waiting in their notifications. Easy fix: Try giving people a heads up in order to avoid miscommunications.

Takeaway: Look at the reasons stated above to help judge for yourself if deactivating all social media accounts for a shortened period of time is right for you. It could work wonders, or you could miss out on something important. To help make that decision easier, think about how and if it will significantly affect your social online interactions and real-world interactions.

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